Know this before you choose a German Shepherd puppy.

How to choose a German shepherd puppy

If you have decided to buy German Shepherd puppy then welcome to the German Shepherd owner family. You can find a lot of Dog Breeders, but You should know how to choose a high-quality German Shepherd puppy from the litter. Where picking low-quality breed results in poor health and unstable temperament.

choosing Procedure 

 Firstly when you enter into the dog farm observe the litter for some time. Identify the active puppies, check whether the puppy is with group or isolated. check the place where puppy is playing.Puppies which are isolated from the group or playing in unhygienic areas should be avoided.

Active puppy is directly proportional to the healthy puppy. Pick up the Active puppy with your hand, check the coat condition and eyes. Search for wounds and skin allergies. Play with it for some time, where you can understand its energy levels and behavior.

how to pickup a german shepherd puppy

Ask for Its Parents

Ask the breeder to show puppy parents, where half of the qualities are inherited and  Puppy temperament depends on parents. If the parent is well trained, friendly well puppy likely to share its parent’s qualities. So before checking the litter checks its parents

How to find a Good German shepherd breeder

Be aware of Breeders 

Don’t trust Breeder words. Try to contact people who have already brought puppies from the breeder. check the Quality of parent Dogs, Check hygiene of farm and puppies.

Best ways to Get Pure German shepherd Puppy

how to choose a german shepherd puppy

DOG SHOWS: By now you decided to buy German shepherd, But pick up high-quality German shepherd is a major task where this puppy grows and stay with you in upcoming years. So take some time to find a quality breeder. Attend to the dog shows where you can see high quality Breed of shepherds. Observe the dogs, Talk to the owner. Enquire about the breed.

Dogs which come to shows have all paper documentation of breed. Get all information from the breeder, After seeing the dog and talk to the breeder if you feel confident. Book your puppy in advance. 

Consult a vet: consult the vet and ask him for the reputed breeders. Where a vet can suggest you, Good breeders, because breeders frequently consult vets. So vet can suggest you, good quality breeders.

Search for websites: Enter into google and search for German shepherd puppies, Now you will find a list of websites. Open each website look images of puppies. Not all sites legitimate, so never accept direct delivery to home. Visit to farm and follow the above mentioned in picking up German shepherd puppy.

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