The A – Z Of How To Bathe A Dog at Home

In this post, we will show you how to bathe a dog at home in a step by step process.

For us, bathing after a long tiring day is calming and relaxing, but for your pet, it is anything but not relaxing.

They get agitated and troubled by the water, noise, soap, and scrubs, it’s not fun or relaxing to them at all. So, it becomes a tedious task to shower them. 

Here are some tips that will help you with this process. These will also help you if you are a new pet owner. 

How to bathe a dog at home?

Just like before preparing a lavish meal, you need all the groceries ready and tools cleaned.

You must have the necessities prepared to bathe your dog nicely. Here is a list of things that will come handy in this process. 

Get the right shampoo.- Every shampoo or bathing product has a specific pH, which is very important to know as it reacts differently with your skin.

The best way to know which bathing product will suit your dog correctly, it is recommended to visit a veterinarian and follow instructions accordingly.

The shampoo designed for people is different from the baby shampoo; similarly, the shampoo for your dog will also be altered.

  • You’re likely to need a therapeutic shampoo in case of any skin problems.  Enquire about tools that reduce shedding of fur while bathing.
  • It is essential to prevent soapy water from entering the dog’s ear canals. There are bland eye ointments available on the recommendation of your veterinarian and learn the proper way to apply it as well.
  • Brush- it is necessary to remove mats for the better hygiene of your dog. Brushing your dog before letting the water enter, makes it easier to remove the mats. Once you wet your dog with water, it will be nearly impossible to remove mats.
  • Keep your stock of toiletries and towel handy.

TTT- three towel trick 

how to bathe a dog
  •   Use one towel to prevent the dog from slipping, place it at the bottom of the tub or on the floor

  Use the second towel to hold your dog firmly to avoid shaking too much

  And the third towel to dry after a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

how to bathe a dog
  • Make sure to block the drainage system before giving a bath to your dog. This will help collect all the fur and prevents the drain from plugging.
  • This is a standard point for anyone before bathing, that is to ensure that there is a non-slip surface. This is an important safety measure for you and your dog. 
  • Doctors say that the sound of gushing water adds to the anxiety of the dog, so try and fill the bucket or the tub with warm water before.


There are toys available in the market which can be stuck on the bathroom wall at your dog’s height. This will keep your dog busy while giving a bath and not make them move.             

Splish and splash-

This step can be a significant task and quiet a troublesome one for most people. Most pets dislike the idea of taking a bath, and it may not be easy to take them to the bathing place in one go.

Lead the trail with some treats if necessary, playfully take them but if nothing works, leash them to there because hygiene is very important. 

Wet them completely. Start with shampooing form the neck, then work your way through the body to the tail and toes.

Make sure your dogs poops and clears their anal glands at this point too. Emptying them from time to time will prevent them from catching an infection.

how to bathe a dog

Scrub your dog well. Remove mats, leece, insects(if any). Give a thorough wash and you are almost done 

Add steel wool to your drain before beginning this process. Then let the drain open to making all the dirty water pass off. This steel wool will prevent the fur from clogging your drain.

Then rinse extremely well will clean water a few times to ensure all the soap and shampoo has been washed off. This step will minimize flaking.

Dry them up-

how to bathe a dog

Make sure you are swift with the process of drying or your dog will dirty the whole house and double your task.

Cover him up with a blanket to keep them a little warm. Then start drying their face first working your way to the ear, then the feet.

Depending on your dogs likes and dislikes, you can even use a dryer to fasten the process.

Ensure the heat settings are on cool as they cannot take in warm air. This step is only possible if your dog doesn’t have a problem with the sound of the dryer. This is a significant time-saver.

If this doesn’t work in your case, gently hold his muzzle with your thumb and forefinger.

Doing this, your dog will get restless and will start shaking from their head; this will help in the drying process.

After towel drying, it is the best to leave your dog in an area where you wouldn’t mind a little water around (preferably the garden, backyard or the balcony)

Doctors recommend that your dogs should be given a bath at least once in three months.

But you can wash them when you feel it is necessary to. Once in a month is a decent span of time to pull your dog into the shower.

If your dog smells, you can wash him every other week as well. In the case of skin allergies or issues, visiting the veterinarian is recommended.  

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