Are German Shepherds good with kids? -Know the truth

are german shepherds good with kids

In this article, you will know are german shepherds good with kids.

Adding a dog to the family demands a lot of analyzing and reflection. It is crucial to give proper thought and assessments of whether you are ready to add a furry member to your family as it will need a lot of attention, time and training.

It is a task adopting a dog as it requires constant attention and care. When you are determined to choose a German Shepherd, you have to be attentive as these dogs are huge.

And if they are not treated in the right direction, their protective instincts can cause trouble in most of the cases. You also have to think twice whether or not trust a German Shepherd around your kids.

German Shepherds can bond quickly with the kids at home. They often treat these kids as their puppies and bestow the same amount of love and care.

While you should teach your child to respect dogs and not maltreat them in any way possible for safe interaction.

Although German Shepherds tolerate pokes, grabs and tail pull from those little hands. They are ever ready for the big bear hugs even though it goes against their fighting behavior.

They are a lot more patient and that way we can say that German Shepherds are good with kids.

Since the young ones are full of energy, and so do German Shepherds, when the kids and German shepherds play, you can see the kids sometimes run beyond the German Shepherds which explain their energy levels.

This mixture of energy levels and intelligence makes your kids have a playmate and a best friend too.

They can teach them all the new tricks and games efficiently. They are an excellent companion for the rest of the family because of their high energy levels.

They are well suited for Hiking, Jogging, Canoeing and generally living their life to the brim of it.

The vets and breed experts have a notion that German Shepherds are playful and have great stamina that a family can enjoy for years.

Making tireless playmates for your kid is another reason German Shepherds are good with kids.

are german shepherds good with kids

Enough with the advantages, let’s talk real about what can cause problems and how to keep up with these problems.

  As it is known, German Shepherds grow up to be huge. It is a big dog bouncing around your kids, who are small and tiny.

These giants are gentle and do not intentionally hurt your kids, but they can accidentally harm your child because of their overly vivacious nature.

As it is valid for all the giant breeds, It takes some amount of time for the German Shepherd puppies to learn how to control their bodies and strength as well.

You could teach your dog to avoid jumping as it can cause a problem and if you show it so he can prevent accidents. This might solve your question to a great extent and make your decision worthy.

 Another thing to keep in mind is it is essential and necessary to keep a watch on your kids around a teething German Shepherd puppy.

The dog has no inflicted or intention to hurt your kid, but it can be an accident. When German Shepherds are teething, they get a little mouthy and can sting.

You need to have a plan. To avoid this problem, you need a lot of chew toys. And if you notice that your dog is mouthy and teething you or any other family members, need to be extra careful.

What you can do is pick it up immediately and put it in its crate but with extra calm. Let the dog out when she is calm.

You can also know when it is hurting your puppy as it makes high pitched noise. You have to immediately provide it with something they are allowed to chew on. 

are german shepherds good with kids

German shepherds are perfect and trustworthy around your kids and other family members. But they can be overprotective for you.

So you need to teach your dog when your kid is playing around and when it is in trouble and when the dog has to help.

You need to show your puppy or dog that not every stranger poses a danger, and you need to make him socialize early and frequently.

To do this, you can take your dog to pet stores and public places and parks. You can allow him to interact him with new people and new dogs on the roadside.

The more people and places he visits, the more confidence the German shepherd gains.

There are, a confident dog is very less likely to react to a good situation and do not even get protective when there is no actual danger.

If you expose your German Shepherd to lots of people and show him different places, he learns that a broad range of behaviors and noises are part of a typical day. It all makes a German Shepherd suitable for kids.

Final Words

are german shepherds good with kids

German Shepherds are a significant responsibility but also very adorable. They are great as companions.

These adorbs are very compassionate, kind, generous and loving. They become a part of the family quickly and also a valuable family member.

As much as we love the freedom, these dogs should not confine to your backyard or a kennel or a dog cage.

It is advised to train German Shepherds from a young age. These dogs are generally trained in the area of obedience and socializing.

 German Shepherds are naturally very smart and have a strong guarding instinct. They are super active and need ample exercise.

Else you can find them up to some mischief. Sometimes poorly bred German Shepherds have aggressive behavior due to inadequate training and over guarding.

This situation might cause a problem for the family. These dogs should be brought from a verified breeder only. One of the many qualities that make these furry animals shine out is their attitude to risk their life for loved ones.

In all this fantastic breed has many advantages. Indeed, we can say that our kids would be safe with them, and these dogs can be a part of their little tea parties or bike racing.

Of course, under adult supervision. Hence the German Shepherds have stood out and won our hearts.

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