Are German shepherds Dangerous- aggressive

Demystifying about Are German shepherds Dangerous or Not ?

German Shepherds are the Most loyal Breed. These are very active, strong,and sharp. Basically, German Shepherd is a Guarding Dog they have came from hunting group. So naturally shepherds have inbuilt tendency for  hunting and protecting.

According to an article published on  German shepherds are the 3rd Most American Dangerous Dog.

A male German Shepherd can grow up to 24-26 inches whereas Female can Grow up to 20-22 inches. With this size these breeds are hard to handle if they become aggressive.

Why German shepherds are Dangerous?

German shepherds believe in the Pack. If they are a group of German Shepherds only one dog will be Alfa male(Leader of the group) which leads the pack. Even same pattern is seen in the wolves.

 If you don’t train your dog properly they turn dangerous. Let your dog know you are Alpha male. Show your complete Authority over it.

Training your dog to attack and ignoring its Bad character makes it dangerous. Make sure to Hamper its Bad characters whenever it is necessary.

As German Shepherds are Intelligent Dogs it is easy to train them, where they learn commands very easily.

Causes of Aggression

Are German shepherds Dangerous?

  • Not Training it Properly
  • Encouraging bad aggressive behavior
  • Leaving it in rooms or House alone.

Why German shepherds are not Dangerous?

If you want a loyal, strong, Guarding Dog then obviously German Shepherd is the one.

A well trained German Shepherd is intelligent can make your life feel better. These are very protective and always try to protect their owners.

Even You can check some of the cases, Where Shepherds have died to protect their owners.

So training is the main factor for the German Shepherd.

A well-Trained Shepherds are like superheroes which protects you all the time, but if you don’t train them, they can become aggressive and dangerous.

Final words

German Shepherds are basically intelligent, strong and active dogs. If you train it properly then gsds are the greatest companions to have.

So well Trained Shepherds are great guarding dogs where they are ready to leave their lives for owners.

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