German shepherd Floppy Ears


German Shepherd Floppy Ears:

german shepherd floppy ears


German shepherds are basically identified with color, bend, and ears. German shepherd ears are the first thing identified when you look at it. So pointed ears give a royal look to german shepherds. 

So let’s find out what are the reasons for floppy ears and how to overcome this problem.

What age do german shepherd ears stand up?

The full-body development of the german shepherd takes up to six months. Shepherds’ ear should stand within three to six months on its own.

If ears are not standing even after six months, then consider taking your dog to the qualified vet nearby you.

How do german shepherd ears stand up?

German shepherd ears stand naturally with its growth. German shepherds have smooth cartilage bones in its ears. The complete development of cartilage bones makes german shepherd ears stand up. 

why german shepherd are ears down?

To this question, several answers are related. 

Picking up poor or crossbreed. Choosing a poor or crossbreed results in german shepherd floppy ears. All physical appearance is carried from their parents.

If parents of puppy dogs are not good it reflects in the puppy. Before choosing a dog to examine its parents and get a pure breed.

For suppose let us consider we have brought crossbreed, can we still make its dog ears stand? Yes, we can make it stand it with supplements. 

 Reason two: Lack of calcium and vitamins. As all, we know calcium and vitamins are vital in the growth stage of puppies. 

Required calcium and vitamin should be provided in the early months. 

Do german shepherd ears stand up by themselves?

german shepherd floppy ears

German shepherd ears stand up by themselves without any medication within six months. If your dog is below six months then no need to worry about german shepherd floppy ears. As mentioned earlier they should stand up within six months. Wait for at least three to six months. 

how to help german shepherd ears stand up

german shepherd floppy ears

Diet :

Diet plays a significant role in the German Shepherd growth. Giving proper diet at regular intervals can help your dog your standup.

 We are also have written a detailed article on how much to feed a German Shepherd per day.

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 By providing required supplements your dog ears stand up. Supplements like vitamins and calcium in the proper amount help your dog-ear stand.

 A qualified vet will suggest you with the supplements necessary for your Shepherd.


Tapping is the other way to make your dog-ear stand. This is a physical process where energy, effort, and pain involved in it. 

In tapping both the ears of Shepherd are tapped. A supporting is added in between the ears to make ears stand. 

This tapping remains for one week -two weeks. Then after tapping is removed.


German shepherd ears stand up in between 3 – 6 months. Wait at least for 3 months.

Never ever experiment on your dog with your own knowledge.

A certified vet will analyze the problem and give it the necessary treatment.



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