Black German Shepherd: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

In this article you will learn how Black German Shepherd has Originated, Types of coats, Physical appearance, Temperament, Feeding, Shedding, suitable climate, cost and Availability of breed. Note (At the end of the article, we also show you how to pick a pure breed ) Black german shepherds are rare so you may not see this breed much often as regular German shepherds. These are very Beautiful and Unique to watch. If you want to add a Unique creature by the appearance in your pet list than this breed is the best breed.

Origin of Black German shepherd:

Black German shepherd
This Breed has originated from Germany in the 19th century. German shepherds have different colors, because of different breeding techniques. Black Coated german shepherds are one among them.
  • Black shepherd belongs to a stranded german shepherd family. 
  • Only because of its black color it is called Black german shepherd.

Types of  Coats

Black German shepherd coats
The black German shepherds have three different coats
  • Short hair
  • Medium hair
  • Long hair
  1. Short hair german shepherd has approximately 1-inch long hair.
Dog with short hair has less hair matting when compared to medium and long hair. Easy to Brush and bathe this dog 2. Medium hair Shepherd is slightly longer than a short coat. Inner Short coat acts as a protection for the medium coat dogs. Hair shedding and matting will be noticed more in medium coats. Pros of the medium coat shepherd are it looks stout and good when compared to short coat. 3. Long hair Shepherds looks Huge and Beautiful then other coats. But hair shedding is more and it is hard to brush long coats. If you need a Royal look and if you can invest some time in its Gromming than Long hair shepherd should be considered.

Physical Appearance:

black german shepherd physical appearance

Size: Male: 24-26 inches (APPROXIMATE)

       Female: 22-24 inches

Height: Male: 59-65 cm   (APPROXIMATE)

            Female: 54-60 cm

Weight: Male: 65-90 pounds   (APPROXIMATE)

                Female: 50-75 pounds

Black german shepherd has similar appearances as Regular German shepherd. This has erected straight ears with brown eyes with a strong masculine body. Curve or bend is not seen in black german shepherds.

Black German Shepherd Temperament

German shepherds are intelligent, loyal and active breeds. These dogs are very enthusiastic. As german shepherds are evolved from wolves they have Hunting nature in its genes. In the human evolution process, german shepherds are adopted and trained to protect their animals mostly sheep. These dogs are strong, active and intelligent they are easy to train.

Black German Shepherd Feeding

Black German shepherd feeding
This Breed is an active working dog they need a proper diet. Feeding varies from stage to stage.
  • During the starting stage, you should provide them with four feedings per day.
  • From the eighth week, you should provide them with three feedings per day.
  • And from the 12th week, you can provide them with two feedings per day.
If you want to read complete diet chart along with food items click the link

Black German Shepherd Shedding

black german shepherd sheeding
Black german shepherds shed half 0f the year, but more shedding is seen in summer. It is the best kind of dog who loves socializing and adapt to any weather hot or cold. But one thing that’s tricky with the dog is its hair shedding routine. They do shed a lot. The dog has two layers of hair, an undercoat, and an outer coat. Whatever may be the coat of the dog, you must be ready to handle the shedding.

Black German Shepherd Suitable climate

Black German shepherds are suitable in all climates. Coats should be chosen depending on climate conditions. Hot climate: short hair german shepherds are suitable for hot climate. Cold climate: long-haired shepherds are good in cold climates. Black german shepherds with a long coat can survive in cold climates and this coat protects it from cool breezes and Acts as insulation for the body.

Availability of breed:

Black german shepherd breed
Black german shepherds are rare breeds and hard to get them. How can you buy a black german shepherd? Dog shows are the best place to find Black German Shepherd. You can find dog owners and get information from them. Ask him details about the breed, know the details and pay some amount and book a puppy in advance.

Cost of Black German Shepherd

When compared to other german shepherds these are very rare. Black german shepherds price is high. Regular german shepherds price lies between 800$-1000$. Black german shepherds price is 10x more than the regular german shepherds.

How to choose a perfect breed

When you are buying german shepherd you need to choose the pure breed. Read a complete detailed article about how to choose a german shepherd Below.

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