Top 5 Dog food for Huskies.

Best dog food for huskies:

The best dog food for huskies can be understood by understanding their origin.

Huskies were a dog breed that was made to roam around the arctic carrying heavy sleds over long distances. Going by this theory, the huskies diet originally concentrated fat and animal protein.

What is the ideal food for huskies?

In order to decide the best diet for huskies. You need to understand their formation. Look, huskies are dogs that have an athletic build.  So, diet or food must consist of ingredients that have high energy in them.

Segmentation for huskies

Huskies are divided into two categories one is known as the Alaskan husky, and the other is known as the Siberian husky.  They are known for their mischievous behavior and their friendly nature.  The most common pet that is found among the people is the Siberian husky. They are loved for several reasons

The most famous feature of Siberian huskies is their fluffy coat, their appealing eyes and handsome face. On the contrary Alaskan huskies are known for their working nature, then their good looks.  The only common thing between the two is the fact that they can both endure snow and cold and have the ability to pull off heavy loads over long distances

Deciding factor

When it comes to deciding the best dog food for huskies, then studies suggest that huskies require high-quality food. After doing tons of research, this article has listed some of the best dog food for huskies, presented in the information stated below:

List of best dog food for huskies

1 Hills dry puppy dog food

dog food for huskies

best dog food for huskies

Huskies have been a dog breed there are well built. Their food requirement is different than the normal ones. So that means huskies need to be provided with a proper diet that has the perfect balance of calcium, flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Hills dry puppy dog food fulfills all such requirements.  In addition, it is clinically proven that this dog food contains vitamin E and vitamin C to prevent joint swelling and provide a healthy immune system to the dog. So that your dog may live a happy and healthier life


  • The ingredients of this food include pork meal, whole grain, chicken meal, and cracked pearled barley
  • Offers well-balanced nutrition for huskies
  • Provides brain and eye development simultaneously
  • A complete nutritious meal

User rating – 4/5

#2 Purina pro plan dog food

best food for huskies

best dog food for huskies

This a dog food that is built for the metabolic needs of the huskies. Filled with great quantities of vitamins and minerals, this food is considered to be one of the best dog food for huskies. The food comes in chicken flavor and strikes a perfect balance between calories and protein


  • The main ingredient of the food is known as salmon
  • Mainly given for huskies that have a stomach ache
  • Filled with antioxidants, that means the gastric juices that cause inflammation can be eliminated
  • Since it is rich in fiber, it is very good for digestion

User rating – 4.5 / 5

#3 Well core dog food

top foods for huskies

best dog food for huskies

Most of the dog owners. Who has used this food, have taken this product on repeat? This because the food is notorious as well as healthy. The food contains all the necessary dietary requirements that can provide a huskie a healthy lifecycle


  • Available in chicken and turkey flavor
  • One of the best solutions for all type of huskies
  • Good quantities of corn, soy and meat are present

User rating – 4.5 / 5

#4 Orijen Original dry dog food

best dog food for huskies

This product comes with 85 % meat and 15 % vegetables, this best dog food for huskies is applicable for huskies in all life stages.  The food maintains a healthy-looking skin of huskies and preventing them from thyroid.

The fat percentage is very low. So, if you want your dog to feel energized all the time, then seek no other food other than this.  Another thing that users love this food is the fact that this food is full of fruits and vegetables and they are all fresh

Now if your huskie is suffering from eye problem or the thyroid problem, then this food takes care of that too, since the food contains chondroitin and glucosamine which helps in minimizing the pain that is caused due to these diseases


  • Available in chicken, turkey and fish flavor
  • The carbohydrate percentage is only 18, and the nursing protein percentage is 38
  • In order to enhance the deliciousness of the food, this food adds turkey liver flavor

User rating – 4/5

#5 Blue buffalo dog food

best dog food for huskies

This is a brand that’s is specialized for making food for active dogs. The food has the perfect combination of fruits and vegetables and meat. The grain percentage in the food is negligible. The recipe comes in chicken flavor.

For working huskies, this can be considered as one of the best foods.  The food takes care of the eye health of the huskies, as it supports the involvement of the carrots in the recipe.  In addition, the eggs are also added, so this means it will help the huskies to prevent themselves from cataracts and denigration of healthy eye cells


  • Grain-free product
  • Has 95 percent of animal protein
  • The coronation of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, provides the Huskies with a healthier lifecycle

User rating – 4.5 / 5

Wrapping up

Different segments of huskies have a different set of body formation. This is the reason why you need to very careful while selecting an ideal food for huskies. The above-mentioned best dog food for huskies prevents the huskies from all sorts of different diseases like cataracts, thyroids, eye discoloration hearing problems.

This article acts as a complete guide on what should the ideal recipe poor your beautiful hussies. Make sure that you read the above-mentioned information religiously and purchase the products online.  Having a husky that has is active and can live long is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

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