The Myths And Realities Of Can Dogs eat Raw Chicken

Is Eating Raw Chicken Healthy for Dogs?

Before dogs were domesticated, their diet consisted almost wholly of raw meat, from gigantic mouse to tiny mice and even earthworms. So, now most people want to know that can dogs eat raw chicken

The main reason behind their query is because a dog’s diet must be 80% meat and for the same amount of protein in the kibble; you would have to spend a lot of money on it. If you decide to go on a raw meat diet, the most crucial rule is always to watch your dog when he eats. There is still a risk that you may have forgotten a bone, and your dog will choke or cut his tongue. 

can dogs eat raw chicken


Delicious or dangerous

Many people are confused about can dogs eat raw chicken or not. Dog food very often contains organ meats, but they are often inferior quality products, which are used mainly to increase the percentage of meat on the label. If you decide to offer a raw meat diet to your dog, buy the best possible meat (within your means) and keep it fresh to avoid dangerous bacteria.

A diet of wolves – What did the dog eat before specialty food?

Before deciding food for them, make sure can dogs eat raw chicken or not. A no. of breeders and trainers consider that a diet based on raw meat (especially organ meats) is the best food one can give a dog. It is also virtually every breeder’s customary diet for a dog as it closely resembles that of a wolf in the wild.

If you decide to button to a raw meat diet, buy lean cuts of meat, organ meats, and delicious juicy bones. Also, make sure that can dog eat raw chicken before giving him raw chicken. Choose beef, lamb, pork, and rabbit. Oily fish and eggs which are also great for your pet’s health. 

However, it is essential to keep an eye on your dog when he eats it as some may be lactose intolerant and suffer from stomach upset, bloating, vomiting, or diarrhea. Any uncooked meat can contain germs and parasites that are potentially unsafe or even fatal. Fresh meat spoils very rapidly outside the fridge and, once it has turned, it can become dangerous for your dog.

can dogs eat raw chicken

Organ meats: inexpensive and very rich in nutrients

You can find organ meats, which contain excellent nutrients, for almost peanuts at your butcher and also ask him can dogs eat raw chicken before buying meat. Here is a list of the pieces that you can find at your butcher with information on all their benefits and their nutritional benefits.


It is by far the most nutrient-rich organ, and you should include it in your dog’s raw meat diet. He must constitute 5% of his total intake.


The kidneys are also an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc, and folate. They also provide your dog with the fatty acids it needs, Vitamin A, D, E, and K and all the B vitamins.

What fruits and vegetables are secure for my dog?

We tend to forget, in the age of veganism and kibble, that our pets are primarily carnivores. That is, their digestive system should only have to deal with meat because the enzymes they produce are not adapted to other foods. Your dog is not omnivorous, but the dog remains a canine. However, your dog, while evolving, has become tolerant of individual plants. 

He will, therefore, be able to draw energy from food other than meat, provided that it does not constitute the central part of his diet. Above all, don’t forget: sugar and salt are banned; they can represent a real danger for your dog and considerably reduce his general health and life expectancy. 

To give your dog a healthy diet, forget the adage “5 fruits and vegetables a day”, which only applies to humans! And start by ignoring the croquettes, made up of 45% carbohydrates and the rest of plant and animal by-products. As dogs are allergic so before giving them anything, make sure that given food is good for him or not.

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a “good” fruit or vegetable for dogs, but that does not mean that they are all prohibited. You can give this type of food to your dog if you are sure about can dogs eat raw chicken. Your dog may need the little moral comfort of a “treat,” and this can be done without jeopardizing his health. Cooked fruits and vegetables in reasonable quantities

Final Words:

  • Contact a vet before feeding it raw meat.
  • However, if your dog doesn’t like to have chicken. Then you may feed him individual plants as Vegetables safe for dogs include leafy greens (salad, spinach except for cabbage as they are not suitable for digestion). Apples and pears: if eaten raw, it will stimulate their metabolism and their immune system, in addition to cleaning their teeth. Remove the seeds well before giving them.