Top 5 Dog food for Huskies.

Best dog food for huskies: The best dog food for huskies can be understood by understanding their origin. Huskies were a dog breed that was made to roam around the arctic carrying heavy sleds over long distances. Going by this theory, the huskies diet originally concentrated fat and animal protein. What is the ideal food … Read more

The Myths And Realities Of Can Dogs eat Raw Chicken

Is Eating Raw Chicken Healthy for Dogs? Before dogs were domesticated, their diet consisted almost wholly of raw meat, from gigantic mouse to tiny mice and even earthworms. So, now most people want to know that can dogs eat raw chicken?  The main reason behind their query is because a dog’s diet must be 80% … Read more

Top 4 Dog Beds for German shepherds-2024

Best dog beds for German shepherds: German shepherds are a smart dog breed. They are very adaptable to the changes in the environment, and the most major characteristic feature is their well-built body and cuteness.  German Shepard enjoys resting their bones in a comfortable dog bed  Selection of dog bed: Now if you are a … Read more

Top 6 Latest and Best toys for Pitbulls -2024

Best toys for Pitbulls Pitbull is a dog breed that has faced controversy in their entire lifetime. Some say Pitbulls are aggressive, while some consider it as a playful breed.Being a pet owner, you should always ensure that your dog is occupied and some great toys to play with.  This is the reason why this … Read more

German shepherd training

GERMAN SHEPHERD TRAINING In this article, we have listed german shepherd dog training videos, where you can learn easily and train your dog. Youtube has a huge number of videos on dog training, but those videos are not organized properly. We have understood this problem and organized videos in a proper manner. This article is … Read more

Top 5 Best brushes for German shepherd

Best Brushes For German Shepherd: German Shepherds become famous for more than 100 years, and they make an excellent family dog. German Shepherds especially can protect, helping the disabled, herd, rescue work, search, and more. With more number of these abilities, these German Shepherds are highly used as military and police dogs. The main reason … Read more