How to train a German shepherd to sit- German shepherd training.

How to train a German shepherd to sit: German shepherds, obviously the breed I love. Training german shepherd is super easy when compared to other dogs. I have seen lab, rottweiler, pomeranian, Doberman and a lot of other breeds but training german shepherd is easy then them. ( This is my opinion with my personal experience)

How to train a german shepherd to sit

when we brought German shepherd puppy (Ceaser) to my home, I thought it would be hard to train a german shepherd. At the age of three months, I started training my german shepherd puppy (ceaser). Meanwhile training it I realized how easy it is to train a german shepherd. It started to learn commands very easily. My puppy would easily learn each command in 30 minutes.

The thing to remember :

Repeating is important in dogs. If your dog has learned sit command yesterday, you want to teach new command today, before starting a new command repeat the command which it has learned yesterday at least for 5 min. Revision is important in dogs until it learns perfectly.

perfectly is the time where your dog responds to your command properly when a command is given.

In the below, I have posted a video which I used to train my german shepherd puppy.

It includes sit, down and stay.

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